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Sealink designs, manufactures and markets Rotary Feedthroughs, Reciprocating Feedthroughs, Double Acting Feedthroughs - Rotary & Reciprocating - and Multi-port type Rotary Unions for vacuum or pressure process line, products of the highest possible quality by using advanced manufacturing techniques and approved quality assurance systems.

Based on sixteen years experience, the company now has become a true world class supplier, providing clients on all continents with Rotary Joint Union products through office and production facility in korea.

All the products of Sealink are manufactured under strict quality management system ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 system, ensuring supply of high quality products with full batch traceability.

With an in-company design team, the company is able to produce bespoke solutions with short lead times at resonable prices.

Sealink backed by highly qualified technical staffs, ensures our customers receive the fastest and most reliable service possible to solve even most demanding problems.  In addition the company holds a wide range of items in stock, giving customers rapid access, even to "OEM, Customer specification and unusual" sizes. Best quality is a strategic objective of Sealink Corp., Sealink thinks that the right quality level is established by and with the customer. Our quality assurance system is continuously checked to satisfy the new market needs.

Sealink’s quality system is applied in all the processes of the company :  from the productions to the delivery and post selling assistance. All the staffs of the company are involved in the continuously improvement of our Quality System, we think the Quality is not only in the product but also in the service, in the staff and in the human interface with the customer. For the high quality of products for worldwide customers, Sealink Research and Development Team cooperates

with Gyeongsang National University and Korea Institute Machinery & Materials. Collaboration fields includes Finite Element Analysis, Numerical Modeling, Experimental testing and Theoretical study of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication, Reliability, Sealing systems of Designs, Materials improvements.

Sealink has a great respect for the environment, overall about packing and material disposal.

The final Quality Assurance Control 100% tested by automatic recording system of test machine in company for Leakage rate, Torque, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Etc. by computer from Helium Leak Detector, Pressure Monitor, Torque meter, Surface Roughness Tester, Thermometer and Data Acquisition System for Reliability.



Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameSealink Corp
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2014
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main Markets
  • Total Employees 1-50 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentHee Jang, Rhee
  • Phone+82-2-866-8737
  • FAX+82-2-866-8757
  • Address#704(Gasan-dong, 12cha, Daerung Technotown) 14, Gasandigital 2-ro, Keumcheon-gu Seoul, Korea
  • Product Category General Mechanical Components > Seals


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Additional Introduction

Sealink Corp. Hermetic Sealing System provides high quality, high reliability, theoretical and technical support, good delivery service, more valuable price.
Especially, All of Sealink products are operated in dry running condition without buffer fluid reservoir for the lubricants. and without cooling system below 150℃. and also SWRP Type, reciprocating sealing system don't use metallic bellows, it has save space and economic effects.
Sealink Corp. Rotary Feedthroughs and Rotary Unions are different from magnetic fluid sealing system and mechanical face sealing system.