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Mechanical Seal Unit, Rotary Feedthrough

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Mechanical Seal Unit, Rotary Feedthrough


Sealink Rotary Sealing Seal Unit is not required Lubicant.

  1. Sealink Corp. Mechanical Seal Units are not use Lubricant.
  2. Dry Running system
  3. Easy repair and maintenance, as they feature a small of number of parts, easy handling, and modular components.


A. Not use Lubricant : Linear contact sealing system.
- No external lubrication equipment required – Safer and Easy Maintenance

B. Standard, Custom and Retrofit Sealing Units
- Standard Sealing Units : Refer to the attached catalog
- Custom Sealing Units to meet customers’ specific requirements
- Retrofitted Sealing Units to replace other manufacturers’ sealing units

C. Media to be sealed : Reactive gas, Inert gas, Water, Oil and other liquids

D. Temperature Range : -20oC to +150oC without cooling system

E. Maximum Leakage Rate
- In Vacuum : 10-8 tor
- In Pressure : 50 bar (Maximum PV Limits : 50)

F. Maximum Speed : 15m/s

G. Shaft Diameter : 6 to 1800mm

H. Applications : Petrochemical Chemical Plants
Sealing Unit for Mixers, Agitators and Reactor Vessels