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Sealink Rotaryfeedthrough for Semiconductor

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Sealink Corp. is a leading company in Korea specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of linear contact’s vacuum and pressure rotary sealing solutions, which simplify and further improve the conventional magnetic sealing units and mechanical sealing units.

Sealink offers custom sealing units and retrofitted sealing units as well as standard sealing units for Semiconductor industries and Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processing Industries as belows ;


n  Products



Media to be sealed

Rotary Feedthrough

w Vacuum

w Pressure

w Vacuum & Pressure

w Reactive gas

w Inert gas

w Water

w Oil, etc

Reciprocating Feedthrough

Rotary & Reciprocating Feedthrough

Multi-passage Rotary Union


n  Applications

Ø  Semiconductor Industries

CVD, MOCVD, LPCVD, PECVD, PCD, ALD, CMP, OLED, LCD devices, FPD devices, Wafer rotation handling devices, Vacuum deposition system, Ion Implanter, Etcher, Asher, Edge grinder, Scrubber, RTP, Sputter, Lamp devices, Autoclave, Wafer robots, etc.

Ø  Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processing Industries

Mixers, Agitators and Reactor Vessels





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